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What is RSD?

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) also known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome** (CRPS) is a chronic, painful and sometimes debilitating condition (sometimes also referred to as a disorder and/or a disease) that affects the nerves essentially causing them to 'malfunction' and leading to other problems in the body such as, possible bone changes, skin changes, and lack of motor function and more*. While the exact cause of RSD is not known, it is known that the pain is very real and that you're not just imagining it. Even though this syndrome was identified 25 or more years ago there is still little information about it. In fact there is a decent chance that your doctor may not even know of it's existence and that is why educating yourself about RSD is not only a good idea but very essential to your management of this syndrome.

*Due to the varying areas effected, RSD is also referred to as a multi-symptom, multi-system syndrome
**CRPS is fast becoming the more common name for this aliment, we will aim use both terms together to be accurate

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