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First off let us thank you for your interest in becoming a 'voting member' of our organization. Before we can call you a member we need to gather some information form you for our records and go over a few things with you. This IS NOT where you sign up, i.e. register, for the forum. If you were looking for that please click here. If you are in fact looking to become a 'voting member' then please read on.

We have two ways you can become a member, the first (and preferred way) is by offering some service to the group. Whether it's in helping maintain the site, editing publications or even in promotional ways. As we said this is the PREFERRED means of being granted voting rights, as we don't wish to look like we're after your money or something like that. Although, if you wish you can pay a nominal $12 membership fee per year (cheap huh? Also remember regardless of membership status, ALL of our information and services will ALLWAYS BE FREE) We ask for a little something in return (in kind service, or nominal payment) so that you can show to the group as a whole your dedication to helping us reach our goals!

Next, we know that some of you may be leery of providing information over the Internet, we are too. That is why we came up with our Privacy Policy below. We ask that you read over it and if you agree then click the ' I Agree' button to be taken to our membership registration form. If you are not comfortable, then email the secretary at: to discuss the matter. Membership Privacy Policy

Information given to will be stored on the database. While the all data is encrypted, nothing is 100% safe on the Internet. cannot be held liable if security is breached. Give personal information at your own discretion. will under no circumstances make personal information (i.e your name, address [email or mailing] phone number etc.) available to third parties with the exception of law enforcement officers with just cause. In the event that security is breached and personal information is retrieved from the database, will notify the owner of the compromised data within 48 hours of breach. If the breach is discovered on a weekend, notification will be sent within 72 hours.

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Medical Disclaimer
None of the authors are trained medical professionals and no guarantee is made that the users of the forums are either.
While we do our best to verify the validity of the information on this website, we are not able to verify everything.
Please be aware of this and keep this in mind while using this site, and as always, you should consult a qualified medical professional before
making any medical decisions.

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