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We know that RSD/CRPS isnt the only medical cause in the world today. So we have made a list of other medical web sites that may interest you.

Medical Links is just one of many RSD sites on the internet today. In fact theres some sites we work with to acomplish the same goal. Here are just a few of them that we partner with, please check them out and help us all to raise awarness about RSD.

RSD/CRPS Related Links


We believe that chartiy is a must in todays world. Because of this we have gathered some known and not so well known national relief charities for you to check out.



There is a lot more to the web than just medical sites. Here we have gathered some of our favorite sites that you may enjoy!


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Medical Disclaimer
None of the authors are trained medical professionals and no guarantee is made that the users of the forums are either.
While we do our best to verify the validity of the information on this website, we are not able to verify everything.
Please be aware of this and keep this in mind while using this site, and as always, you should consult a qualified medical professional before
making any medical decisions.

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