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About is a group of likeminded individuals with the goal of educating people about RSD and providing a community where questions, concerns, and RSD experiences can be shared. We currently have people involved in this effort in various regions of the United States including but not limited to:The Northwest, The Southcentral US.,The Midwest,The Northeast and The Southeast. (While every 'region' is covered the area encompassed by each 'rep' is pretty large. With that in mind, if your interested in helping let us know. By doing that we can reduce the area covered by each 'rep'!)

Our group was born out of a desire to address specific needs in The United States. Although there are already established groups working towards this goal, we wanted to form this group to compliment their efforts. We have received great support form groups within the United States and abroad (namely Australia) The core group was conceived by a few individuals with RSD and some of their friends and family members. The core group is comprised of men and women, young and old with different cultural backgrounds. We are bound together by a desire to succeed in our mission to educate and assist people affected by this syndrome.

We aim to accomplish our goals in various ways. One way is by providing a forum where people with RSD, their friends and family members, and/or anyone interested in learning more about RSD can exchange information easily. We also have letters to The Legislators in our Nation and in our States. We've also recently finished our informational pamphlet that can be used as tools for rasing awareness (see the downloads section). We also are in the process of contacting various media outlets in the Nation, television, and newspaper, about RSD, our Group and Our Goals. Eventually, as our experience grows and as our resources grow we will be adding new and innovative ways to accomplish our goals. Many of these ways will go above and beyond our main web site.

As quickly as we can, we will be providing our users with information on ways they can get involved with our efforts. We will be making up contact lists so you can know who to get a hold of to assist you in helping to raise awareness. We will be indexing other groups with similar goals and interests who can also aid you.

This is just a small introduction of who we are at and what we aim to accomplish. We can not do this alone, nor do we believe that anyone should have to. Please feel free to utilize our site and forum and all of our resources as you see fit. Most every thing on our site is free to be used in any way shape or form and we encourage you to do so. We also encourage you to check back often and see what new material we have added.

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